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Refurbishing /re covering of rollers for all printing presses, both sheet and web fed.

A special 24 hours turnaround service for rollers.

Ready and available stocks of new rollers, complete with shells and accessories e.g bearings etc for the entire range of HEIDELBERG machines and most of the popular brands like Roland, Shinohara, Ryobi, Adast, Harris, Goss, Komori etc.

MRI Rubber Rollers extends its ERMP consulting to leading presses with roller management as a resource. For details please study our breakthrough ERMP super saving proposal.

MRI Rubber Rollers consulting, with its years of experience, will provide you with the best solution for your roller requirements.

MRI Rubber Rollers caters to the needs of leather, flexo printing, steel, plastic printing and other This condition comes about gradually and eventually induces faint areas on the printed sheets.